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Monday, March 31, 2008

warm greetings to all at pawPRINTS.

we figured theres quite a number of similar enquiries going about so here are some clarifications on our services.

The service for customization of ribbons is not up yet, as there are quite a few problems we have to solve. However, the service for printing of personalized namecards, customized flyers and brochures etc is available. Printing of Namecards come in 2 types of services.

[1st service]
Please send in your namecard designs to fish_yuyuan@hotmail.com. Prices will have to be advised only after the design of namecards and quantity is sent to us. You can choose to cancel / opt out your order after receiving price stated for the printing. We would like all orders to be special.

[2nd service]
namecards are to be ordered in bulk.

SGD$50 - 500pcs
SGD$70 - 1000pcs

SGD$60 - 500pcs
SGD$100 - 1000pcs

We will inform on our little blog if the service for ribbons is up.
Thank you.

the 1st batch order for printing of namecards is open~ please send in your designs now!

[bringing designs to life]
Grandoliquence Organisation

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The line is open for sending in of ORDERS to print your personal designed name cards / flyers / brochurse etc! start sending in your orders now. please follow the format for orders on the side columns, and mail them to fish_yuyuan@hotmail.com.

* Fonts can be customised to your liking. If you need help on finding the fonts you like, please drop me a mail at fish_yuyuan@hotmail.com
* Please send your images in coloured format, unless u want them in black and white or grayscaled.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

welcome to pawPRINTS.
[bringing designs to life]

currently, we are having an attempt at 2 new service products:

* Printing of name cards, brochures, leaflets, flyers etc.
* Personalized ribbons / Customized ribbons (satin and other materials)
[customer's design welcome.]

Satin ribbons with personalized designs / words of your choice, as well as on ribbons of other materials. Fonts can be customized to your liking, and colours can be tailored to suit your choice as well. currently, we are trying to work out the cost to bring you the lowest & most affordable price.

i'm so excited about this new direction we're heading, and hope you are too. if all goes well, i hope to bring you our new service product soon. (^_^)v

heres a peek into the sample product.

photo by regalribbons

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